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What is BSDBuild?

BSDBuild logo BSDBuild is a compact, cross-platform build system which follows the Principle of Least Astonishment. Derived from the traditional 4.4BSD make libraries, BSDBuild allows programs and libraries to be built portably using simple BSD-style Makefiles (without BSD make extensions). BSDBuild works on most operating systems and make flavors. BSDBuild is implemented as a make library (i.e., Makefile includes containing Bourne script fragments), so a project's Makefiles don't need to be generated (unless building in a separate directory from source).

BSDBuild can generate Bourne configure scripts, foo-config installation scripts, pkg-config .pc files, Libtool-style .la files and platform-specific application/framework bundles. BSDBuild-generated configure scripts look and function similar to a standard GNU autotools script, although BSDBuild uses a different language. The base distribution currently includes over 100 built-in Test Modules for detecting and testing the compatibility of various software.

For users of IDEs and development environments where ./configure and make cannot be used, <> allows IDE project files to be generated automatically for a variety of IDEs.

Core BSDBuild Components
mkconfigure Generate portable Bourne/POSIX ./configure scripts.
<> Process mdoc manual page sources into ASCII, PostScript, PDF and HTML output. The included uman manreader can be used for searching and displaying uninstalled manual pages.
<> Compile static or shared libraries from sources in Ada, assembly, C, C++, Objective C, Lex or Yacc.
<> Compile programs from sources in Ada, assembly, C, C++, Objective C, Lex or Yacc.
<> Automatic generation of "project files" for IDEs such as Code::Blocks and Visual Studio.
<> Compile HTML documents (and optionally language/character set variants) from sources using m4 and xsltproc.
02/25/2023 The Manual Page Reader and documentation have been updated.
11/17/2022 You can now join the LibAgar Discord to discuss the project.
07/14/2015 07/14/2015
Released bsdbuild v3.1 (ChangeLog)
04/23/2020 04/23/2020
Updated developer's public KEYS file.
08/10/2012 08/10/2012
Released bsdbuild v3.0 (ChangeLog)

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