BSDBuild - Built-in tests in version 3.1
Module Description Dependencies
Mail-SpamAssassin the Mail::SpamAssassin module perl
agar-au Agar-AU cc,agar
agar-core Agar-Core cc
agar-dev Agar-DEV cc,agar
agar-math Agar-Math cc,agar
agar-vg Agar-VG cc,agar
agar Agar cc
alsa ALSA cc
altivec AltiVec (with ) cc
arc4random the arc4random() random number generator cc
asprintf an asprintf() function cc
byte_order byte order cc
cc a C compiler
cc_attributes aligned attribute cc
cg Cg cc
clock_gettime clock_gettime() interface (w/o -lrt) cc
clock_win32 winmm time interface cc
cocoa the Cocoa framework objc
cracklib cracklib cc
crypt the crypt() routine (in -lcrypt) cc
csidl the Windows CSIDL system cc
curl libcurl cc
cxx a C++ compiler cc
db4 Berkeley DB 4.x cc
db5 Berkeley DB 5 cc
dlopen dlopen() interface cc
dyld dyld interface cc
edacious Edacious cc,agar,agar-vg,agar-math
etubestore ElectronTubeStore API cc,agar
execvp the execvp() function cc
fastcgi FastCGI ( cc
fgetln the fgetln() function cc
float_h compatible cc
flock the flock() function cc
fontconfig fontconfig cc
free_null free(NULL) is a no-op cc
freesg-rg FreeSG-RG cc,agar
freesg FreeSG cc,agar
freetype FreeType cc
gcc whether the C compiler is GCC
getaddrinfo the getaddrinfo() function cc
getenv a getenv() function cc
gethostbyname the gethostbyname() function cc
gethostname a gethostname() function cc
getopt the getopt() function cc
getpeereid the getpeereid() interface cc
getpeerucred the getpeerucred() interface cc
getpwnam_r the getpwnam_r() interface cc
getpwuid a getpwuid() function cc
gettext a gettext library in libc cc
gettimeofday the gettimeofday() function cc
getuid a getuid() function cc
glib Glib cc
glib2 Glib 2.x cc
glob the glob() function cc
glu GLU cc,opengl,math
glx the GLX interface cc,opengl,x11,math
iconv iconv() cc
imagemagick ImageMagick cc
jpeg libjpeg cc
kqueue the kqueue() mechanism cc
libbsd Libbsd cc
libidn libidn cc
libircclient libircclient cc
limits_h compatible cc
math the C math library cc
math_c99 the C math library (C99) cc
md5 MD5 functions cc
mgid libmgid cc
mmap mmap() interface cc
mysql MySQL cc
nanosleep the nanosleep() function cc
objc an Objective-C compiler cc
ode Open Dynamics Engine cc
open_exlock the O_EXLOCK open() flag cc
opengl OpenGL cc
pcre PCRE library cc
pctr the pctr(4) interface cc
percgi PerCGI cc
perl Perl cc
png libpng cc
portaudio PortAudio2 cc,pthreads
progname the __progname variable cc
pthreads POSIX threads cc
rand48 the rand48(3) family of functions cc
rmd160 RMD160 functions cc
sdl SDL cc
sdl_cpuinfo SDL cpuinfo functions cc,sdl
sdl_image SDL_image cc,sdl
sdl_ttf SDL_ttf cc,sdl
select the select() interface cc
setenv setenv() and unsetenv() cc
setjmp setjmp() and longjmp() cc
setlocale a setlocale() function cc
setproctitle a setproctitle() function cc
sha1 SHA1 functions cc
shl_load shl_load() interface cc
signal ANSI-style signal() facilities cc
siocgifconf the SIOCGIFCONF interface cc
smpeg the smpeg library cc,sdl
sndfile libsndfile cc
snprintf the snprintf() function cc
so_peercred the SO_PEERCRED interface cc
sockopts the setsockopt() interface cc
sse SSE extensions cc
stdlib_h cc
strlcat a strlcat() function cc
strlcpy a strlcpy() function cc
strsep a strsep() function cc
strtold a strtold() function cc
strtoll a strtoll() function cc
sys_queue a compatible cc
sys_types cc
syslog a syslog() function cc
timerfd the Linux timerfd interface cc
uim uim framework cc
unistd_h cc
vasprintf a vasprintf() function cc
vsnprintf the vsnprintf() function cc
wgl the WGL interface cc
winsock the WinSock interface
x11 the X window system cc
xbox the Xbox XDK cc
xinerama the Xinerama extension cc,x11
zlib zlib cc