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The module processes UNIX manual pages files in mandoc(1) format into presentation-ready documents in ASCII, PostScript, PDF or HTML format.


all-catman Produce preformatted manual pages from the specified mandoc source files. Fail silently on systems where mandoc/nroff are unavailable, or where preformatted manual pages are not preferred.
clean-man Clean up output files.
install-man-dirs Create empty section directories in ${MANDIR}.
install-man Install the manpages into ${MANDIR}.
install-manlinks Install the manpage symlinks into ${MANDIR}.
man Display a manpage (passed via the MAN argument), by feeding its ASCII formatted version to ${PAGER}.
manlinks Scan the ${MAN*} sources and auto-generate a file defining links for function names (i.e., where .Fn appears in a SYNOPSIS or ".nr nS 1" block), or where the special directive "MANLINK(name)" appears in a comment.
lint Parse only, produce no output. Display verbose warnings.


MAN[1-9] List of mandoc input source files (with the .[1-9] extension).
MANDOC Mandoc processor (usually "mandoc" or "nroff -Tmandoc", depending on platform). This is typically set by a ./configure script (the needed test is included by default in all configure scripts by mkconfigure(1)).
MANLINKS A list of symbolic links that should be created by the install target. The elements of this list are of the form "Foo.1:Bar.1", where "Bar.1" is the symbolic link, and "Foo.1" is the destination manpage. Typically, MANLINKS is defined in the files which are auto-generated by the manlinks target.


HISTORY first appeared in BSDBuild 1.0.

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